Phelicia Hughes

Brief info

Choice is the foundation of life. Choices lead us to the lives we envision for
ourselves. As a believer in the power of choice, I am a Licensed Professional
Counselor that utilizes Choice Theory with my clients. In addition to this practice, I
also use core principals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational
I work with children as young as 3, teens, adults, couples, and families. I love pulling
in music, art, and other creative therapeutic tools to engage my clients and help
them feel at ease. I have also worked in crisis counseling and shelters, as a crisis
counseling and trauma informed trained professional.
Working with youth that have already lived through trauma, I have extensive
knowledge and skill in helping these adolescents work through a wide variety of
issues including depression, anxiety, school stressors, self esteem, bullying, self
harm and even future planning.
I look forward to helping my clients find choice, control, and a feeling of
empowerment over their lives.