Ketamine Treatment

About Ketamine Treatment

Unlike other ketamine centers that only give you meds, Transitions does everything under one roof from mental health screening, medical clearance, and ketamine infusions to counseling and long-term social support.  Our process starts with a screening session hosted by one of our mental health experts.  This meeting typically takes less than an hour, is covered by your health insurance and serves to determine the appropriateness of ketamine for your unique situation.  Once deemed a candidate, you will have a free private consultation with our staff physician, Dr. David Gibson, M.D. in our infusion suite.  Dr. Gibson will perform your medical clearance, explain in detail your options for KAP treatment and address any questions or concerns.  Most treatments consist of 5-6 infusions spaced out over a 2-to-3-week period.  Ketamine infusions typically last from 60-90 minutes and are done in the afternoons.  We strongly encourage you to go home and rest after the procedure.  The next day, we will typically have you do a counseling session with your therapist to help work through your experiences and uncover any changes in your thoughts and mood prior to your next scheduled infusion.  If you do not already have a therapist prior to the session, an in-network Transitions clinician will be provided.  Our counselors relay any pertinent findings to Dr. Gibson so he can titrate the infusions to your unique experience.  Once your infusion series is complete, your therapist will determine the appropriate frequency of follow up counseling sessions and the need for any prn maintenance infusions in the future.

The Facility

Our brand-new infusion space is at the intersection of Alma and Eldorado in the McKinney Medical Village on the 2nd floor in suite 270. Designed by our staff Anesthesiologist with safety and comfort in mind, you will be greeted in our spacious lobby by our friendly and knowledgeable front office staff. From there you will find our infusion suite is furnished with luxurious electric reclining chairs, a Sonos sound system, mood lighting, warming blankets, fluid warmers and privacy curtains at each station.  We are compliant with the Texas Medical Board’s requirements for office-based anesthesia and carry all necessary items including an automated defibrillator, crash cart, oxygen, respirators, airway equipment, narcotic reversal and anaphylaxis medications, and ICU-compatible monitoring equipment including capnography.   We also share the building with other highly trained physicians including cardiologists and internal medicine specialists and are less than a mile away from Methodist Mckinney Hospital.