Charles Vela

M.Ed., LPC
Brief info

Greetings! My name is Charles Vela, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor here in the state of Texas. It has been my life’s passion to support and encourage individuals in living their fullest life and healing from past trauma. I received my undergraduate degree in philosophy and psychology at the University of Texas-Austin and went on to my graduate studies at UTRGV.
I have experience in counseling and working in social work settings and have been able to work with an array of amazing individuals ranging from couples, children, veterans of foreign wars, and families. Some issues I have experience in working with are anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, trauma-related disorders, chronic pain, and depression.
It is important to remember that counseling is just a conversation… with a purpose. The purpose is for our clients to have a safe/non-judgmental space to talk about what is going on in their life and my sole aim is to support and encourage you on this journey to explore sometimes unspoken stresses and anxieties that can come up in life. On this therapeutic journey, you are always the focus, and together we can discover new, helpful ways to cope with the stresses in life and begin to create a renewed sense of hope for the future.
I am an eclectic therapist who takes from different theories and methods in the realm of counseling psychology, like trauma-informed perspectives and mindfulness-focused interventions. Together we can begin this journey!
If you feel interested in having Charles as your therapist, please contact Transitions Therapeutic Services of North Texas to make an appointment.