How to survive family togetherness during the Coronavirus outbreak : a note from a family therapist.

Family time can be enjoyable for some, but often leads to stress and anxiety.  With the right planning, the increased time together can be time well spent.  First things first, establish a routine and quickly.  Kids, and adults for that matter, thrive on consistency.  If you can establish a routine ie. Wake up at a certain time, eat breakfast, get dressed, work/school activity, get outside, lunch etc, you will all fare better.  When kids know what’s ahead, there are less arguments and push back.  They know what comes next and life just flows more smoothly.  It takes work to establish, but it will be so worth it.

Second, get outside.  Even if it’s on a patio or running around the backyard, our bodies need the sunlight (when it comes) and so does our mood.  If you can’t get outside, sit by a window on a sunny day to get some vitamin D.

Third, create some family time.  I get it “we are quarantined in our homes together, how do we not have family time” well think about it…Most of us spend our free time looking at our phones or computers and that can gobble up most of the day if we allow it.  Create a date night with your family, and your spouse for that matter.  Have each member of your family choose the activity on a certain day.  Play cards, play soccer, put on a puppet show (if you have littles), have a picnic on your back porch.  With a little planning and forethought, we can get through this time with a greater sense of togetherness and love for one another.


****Transitions Therapeutic Services is open for business in the Mckinney/Allen/Frisco area.  We currently offer telehealth services for current and new patients in need of marriage counseling, individual counseling, counseling for teenagers and children.  Our therapy and counseling practictioners are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United/Optum, and Cigna.  Most of these insurance plans are also covering telehealth appointment during this time of social distancing.

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