Rachel Johnson

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Rachel Johnson, MS, LMFT, TF-CBT

If you have been struggling with anxiety, feeling triggered, or generally feeling stuck in life, let's work together to develop the tools necessary to help you get on a happier and healthier life path. With my background in Marriage and Family Therapy, I have extensive experience in working with couples, families, and relationship dynamics including coparenting. I have successfully counseled many couples and have helped them improve the quality of their relationship. Conflict resolution, communication, coping skills, mindfulness, and de-escalation are all skills that I teach my clients in their journey towards health. If you are needing help individually, I have also had extensive training in addressing PTSD in children and adults, and frequently work with individuals, children, teens , and adults struggling to cope with anxiety , depression, ADHD, anger, sexual abuse, divorce, self-esteem, and more. I know how hard it can be to live with this heavy burden of shame or broken relationships-you don't have to struggle alone. Take the first step towards your own health and happiness today and give me a call; I am here to help. If you are Deaf or hard-of-hearing, I also provide counseling in American sign Language.

Rachel has written and published a book for teens on sexual abuse. For more information and a link to the book see below-

More Flashlights! Shining a light on sexual abuse for teens

“Knowledge is Power. More Flashlights with equip your teen to recognize grooming for sexual abuse, and know what they can do to stop it and get help. This book is loaded with info your teen needs to stay safe, such as what sexual abuse and sex trafficking is, how people get slowly tricked into it, how to set appropriate boundaries, what healthy dating relationships look like, strategies for how to tell someone about possible abuse, dealing with anxiety, and more. A section at the back for adults will equip you with the tools you need to recognize and intervene in possible abuse situations. Get a copy today! (Clinicians can receive a discount; contact the author at rachel.johnson.7.tx@gmail.com for more details).”